Focused Healthcare Strategies, Inc. (FHS) offers a cost-effective alternative to managing all business office functions internally.

Collections Account Payments

Focused Healthcare Strategies, Inc. (FHS) offers medical offices a cost-effective alternative to managing all business office functions internally.

Our professional representatives can perform billing, follow up and collection tasks as an extension of your facility's business office from our off-site location for a portion of your accounts, or for all accounts. This in turn reduces the administrative burden of insurance billing and delinquent accounts. With the knowledge we have in medical billing and collections and our willingness to be a supportive arm to your company, our clients are able to save on collection and overall operating expenses.

Full Service Billing & Pre-Collection Program

Includes intitial claim submission, insurance follow-up and patient billing necessary to address all revenue cycle needs of the medical practice. Outsourcing the business office function of your practice can be very cost effective, saving you money and management time.

Accounts Receivable Clean-up

Clean up A/R backlogs that are a result of system conversions, office consolidations, staff turnover or shortages. This allows your staff to focus on maintaining your current account volumes.

Extended Business Office Accounts Receivable Management

Provides ongoing assistance in the effective recovery of outstanding insurance and self-pay receivables. FHS handles the billing and thorough collection follow-up of insurance and self-pay accounts. This frees up your staff to handle other duties.

Aggressive Insurance and Workers' Compensation Recovery

Trained specialists aggressively pursue difficult and time-consuming claims for immediate resolution.

Monitoring of long-term payments arrangements

Ensures arrangements are maintained using monthly reminder notices and personalized follow-up on contract defaults.


Focused Healthcare Strategies can provide full service billing and pre-collection services, saving your business from the expense, administrative burden, and time constraints of billing and collections. Our team of knowledgeable professionals will work on your behalf, cleaning up accounts receviables while maintaining your valuable patient relationships. Contact us today for more information.

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