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Does your revenue cycle need repair?

Do you have account receivables that are aging?

Would you like to reduce your days in A/R & bad debt expense?

The Focused Group Inc. can help! We specialize in the billing and collection of insurance and self-pay accounts as an extension of your business office or as a third party debt collector.

More than 60 years of combined experience focused specifically on hospital and medical receivables management.

Located in Richmond, VA, the Focused Group Inc. (TFG) specializes in providing comprehensive and flexible solutions for medical accounts revenue cycle management.

We offer our clients an intense management team focused specifically on hospital and medical receivables management. Our goal is to fulfill any needs that surface early in your billing and collections process, as well as in the traditional bad debt recovery process.

Your program will be customized to meet the individual needs of your facility. Our unique approach combines well-trained, experienced representatives with our advanced collection tracking system and predictive dial technology.

We understand that our clients are committed to maintaining a proper image within the community. That's why all of our efforts at TFG are designed to foster that image. 

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